Growing up, Marcello was influenced by the artists and writers who surrounded his family during his childhood. With the seed of creativity taking root early on in his youth,his passion for creativity was nurtured, laying the foundation for his illustrious career in visual storytelling.

As an incredibly diverse artist, Marcello brings a wealth of creative outlets to his directing work, branding each project with his unique touch. With an impressive track record of successful global collaborations, from documentary style to highly crafted commercials, Marcello is no stranger to bringing projects of all briefs and sizes to life. As seen in his commercial work “Confused Fan” for Snickers, Marcello is inspired to craft narratives that make you feel deeply – from laughter to tears, to the uncomfortable and confronting. Marcello’s expertise in working with cast shines through in every frame, elevating his storytelling with nuanced performances and genuine humour.

Drawing on his skills as a writer, graphic artist, and his passion for history, each work is an opportunity to be a part of history through storytelling that is also visual art. Refined over his 25-year directorial career, Marcello brings an easygoing, straightforward, precise, and friendly attitude to each set.