REMY CATS - Eyeforce



With a background in sports and physiotherapy, Remy’s work is an expressive ode to the form and function of the human body, with aesthetics, emotion, and artistry as cornerstones of his distinct style.

A believer in collaboration as a strength, Remy has an incredibly personable ability to nurture the most out of each department on set, drawing on individual strengths to create a body of work that is a reflection of a community. A classical example of his ability to get under your skin, he crafts and creates narratives that will have you empathising with unfamiliar worlds – opening your heart and mind to the humaneness we all share.

No stranger to making bold moves, Remy keeps perfecting his roots in sports narratives whilst exploring the high fashion world, with a particular passion for experimental filmmaking techniques and a fascination with aesthetic beauty.

With a big love for the outdoors and the beneficial breathing space it allows, Remy is deeply influenced by elements of music, the ocean and creates imagery that is so richly aesthetic that each frozen frame is an artwork on its own.