WESGRO - Eyeforce



‘Get in a Good Space’ – an international tourism campaign geared to keep the Western Cape destination top of the travel consideration list by demonstrating how the region is the perfect antidote to lockdown life.

Building on from the ‘We Are Open' campaign which focused on wide open spaces, the new campaign creative beautifully demonstrates the vast and less crowded spaces waiting to be discovered in the Western Cape – a stark contrast to other popular travel destinations in Europe – by showcasing the beauty of the region and the positive feelings it evokes through the eyes of four ‘Neverending Tourists’.

Prioritising two of the Western Cape’s key travel markets, the ‘Neverending Tourists’ featured include German and Dutch expats who came to the Western Cape on holiday, fell in love with the destination, and never left. Using authentic voices to rally potential visitors, the campaign depicts these neverending tourists exploring the spaces they love most, accompanied by them explaining how living in the Cape makes them feel.

Agency - King James Group CT
Client - Wesgro

Director - Arthur Neumeier
Cinematography - Arthur Neumeier & Daniel Walsh
Producer - Mascha Spaans
Production Manager - Jessica Lawson
Camera Assist - Zander Botha
Health & Safety Officer - Alfonzo Mills
ECO - Douw
Security - Omari Losambo
Edit - Tim Weyer
Music Composition - Wayne Simpson
Grading - Nic Apostoli

Local Heroes: Philip Ruther, Martha Gille, Marcus Zandhuis and Celine Hoeks